Expanding our scope of business activities, we have become a key player in national and international markets. Strong relationships with suppliers, along with in-depth market analysis and forecasts, are key factors in our business success.

Oil and its derivatives:
 – Condensate
 – Bitumen
 – Urea
 – Mazut
 – Gasoline

Gas and Petrochemicals:
 – LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
 – Polyethylene

 – Rebar
 – Industrial Sheets
 – Billet
 – Handlebars

Building Industry Equipment:
 – Doors and Windows and Profiles (Anti-theft doors)
 – Tiles and Ceramics
 – Industrial and Fire-resistant Paints
 – Epoxy and Resin
 – Valves and Fittings


Project management

At Black Gold, we prioritize project management across all our areas of operation. This encompasses the oil and gas industry, construction, trade, investment, and other relevant sectors. Leveraging our expertise in project management, we strive to effectively oversee each project with enhanced precision, quality, and coordination. Utilizing advanced project management methodologies and international standards, we consistently aim to achieve our clients’ objectives and earn their satisfaction.



At Black Gold, we pay special attention to financial provision and management. We utilize modern financial tools and solutions to create the best financial resources for our projects. With our experience and expertise in this field, we are capable of evaluating and managing budgets and financial resources effectively. Our goal is to develop efficient and effective financial strategies to support our company’s projects and create value for our shareholders and customers.


we focus on marketing with special attention. Using modern marketing strategies and digital tools, we strive to implement the best marketing approaches for our products and services. Enhancing brand awareness, establishing direct communication with customers, and creating positive experiences for them are our goals in marketing. Our aim is to boost sales, attract new customers, and satisfy the needs of existing ones.