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OUR JOURNEY began in 2013, focusing initially on oil and gas projects in Iraq and neighboring countries. Over time, we diversified into various sectors such as trade, construction, consulting, and investment. Our development is built on a commitment to delivering unparalleled services and expertise in executing diverse projects. Primary operations in Iraq extend to offices in different regions, including the UAE, the UK, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, and beyond. Collaborating on significant projects with the Ministry of Oil, the Omani government, and endeavors like Al-Kafeel and the Ataba of Imam Hussein, our company has achieved remarkable milestones. We take pride in the successful experiences and satisfaction of our customers, forming the foundation of trust and expertise in our field. Our commitment to quality, professionalism, and expertise in providing up-to-date and innovative solutions are the key elements of our capabilities in the business domain.

Black Gold Kingdom is designed for industrial, oil and gas, manufacturing, mechanical, power and energy, engineering & Multipurpose Business 

Our company has evolved into a diversified, multi-functional enterprise. Currently, we engage in various activities, including trade, construction, consulting, investment, and the execution of oil and gas projects, both domestically and internationally. This diversification allows us to have a presence in different markets and industrial sectors. Furthermore, our offices and collaborations in different regions around the world facilitate the expansion and enhancement of relationships with international clients and partners. This diversity and breadth of activities have transformed our company into one of the reliable and multi-service providers in the industry.

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